Beach Bar Pic of the Week – One Love Bar and Grill, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

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If you want to spend the cold days of winter somewhere a little warmer, one good place to start might be Seddy Callwood’s One Love Bar and Grill in the British Virgin Islands. A beach bar located on the world famous Jost Vany Dyke, Seddy comes by the hospitality genes honestly. With his father, Foxy, a longtime mainstay in the BVI’s beach bar scene, Seddy was bound to end up in the business. Even though he had big shoes to fill, Seddy has done that admirably, with his own beach bar a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

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Extra special thanks to Ralph Emerson for sharing her picture with us. If you would like to have your picture featured, you can join our Beach Bar Bums group on Facebook or email us at info (at) beachbarbums (dot) com. We will see what we can do to get you featured on the blog and be the envy of all of your friend! Safe travels!

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Photographer – Ralph Emerson
Date Taken – February, 2020
Source – Photographer
License – All rights reserved.
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About the Beach Bar
“Located on one of the world’s Top 10 beaches, SEDDY’S ONE LOVE BAR AND GRILL is Jost Van Dyke’s only “TRUE” beach bar… meaning other places are simply bars on the beach. ONE LOVE is the only bar on JVD where “the beach actually meets the bar!” Known for it’s laid back atmosphere, cold beer and great music, the ONE LOVE provides that “local feel” visitors crave.”

Find out more about the British Virgin Islands and its beach bars and why it should be on your travel wish list!

Have you been to this beach bar? If so, let us know what you thought about it in the comments! Should we go? Avoid it? Things to look out for? Helpful words of advice? Drinks to order? Dishes to eat? We’ll take it all!

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  1. I love it! I actually took this picture. What a beautiful place. We were celebrating my sisters 60 th birthday

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