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At its core, Beach Bar Bums is a travel and lifestyle blog for those of us who believe very few things in life can beat spending the day at a beach bar. Our motto: Livin’ de life one beach bar at a time.

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While the blog focuses mainly on beach bars around the world, we also take time to highlight the local people and culture that surround our favorite beach bars. You’ll see posts on the beach bar owners themselves, hotels and resorts, spirits (not the ghostly kind), individuals involved with beach bars, bars that aren’t anywhere near the water or beach, other travel bloggers, etc. While you’ll get to read about beach bars, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about the community that surrounds them. You can think of it as going to your favorite all-inclusive resort and then taking the time to go off property and getting to know the landscape outside the resort’s walls and fences. After all, you can only sit at a beach bar for so long before you need to get up and stretch your legs. When that occasion arises, you’ll know where to go, who to see and what to do!

Beach Bars and Related Businesses for Sale
Beach Bar Bums has entered into an agreement to help sellers of beach bars find the right buyers so if you have a beach bar you would like to sell or you’re looking to buy one to finally make that dream of yours come true, send us an email at the address noted below in the “Contact Info” section. There is a standard fee associated with our services that is paid by the seller or seller’s broker but the fee is only due should one of our buyers purchase the business. Also, if you have tourism-related businesses that you would like us to help you sell or that you’re looking for, keep us in mind. We have partnered with a company out of the United Kingdom to help sellers meet buyers so our reach is not only in North America but across Europe as well.

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This website wouldn’t be possible without input from the beach bar bum community of travelers. Following are a few of the contributors who have helped significantly in the past. If you come across them during your travels, feel free to buy them free stuff and tell them it’s because they’re contributors to this site. I will be eternally grateful.

Jim Greer
Jim Greer, along with his wife Pat, live in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Consequently, they believe beach bars are a state of mind, as well as a coveted vacation destination. They travel extensively, reluctantly leaving their Portuguese Water Dogs (and cat of questionable parentage) to board planes, cruise ships and anything else taking them on their next adventure. Jim works in government service. Dr. Pat is a university professor and international leadership speaker. In addition to travel blogging Jim is a published fiction writer specializing in strong women characters. Visit him at www.JamesGreer.online.
Beach Bar Memories
St. Maarten Post-Hurricanes
Over Crab

Shannon Deissig
I have been traveling to beautiful beaches since I was 4, when I took my first trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. I’m pretty sure I fell in love with the Caribbean and the beach in general at that young age. Travel has become a passion throughout the course of my life, and my husband and I try to travel to beach/foreign destinations for at least 3 weeks a year, if not more. We love checking out the cultures of each, the food…and of course, the beach bars! Turning this love of everything beachy into a passion, a hobby, and perhaps an eventual career has been an amazing journey so far. I look to share as many of my future experiences with as many people as I can and are interested. Cheers!
Cabo San Lucas
Sandy Toes Beach Bar, Rose Island, Bahamas

Dennis and Lori Kozuch
Dennis Kozuch and his wife Lori are from snowy, cold Buffalo, NY and have been travelling to the Caribbean for over thirty years. After their initial trip to Barbados in the early 80’s they have visited almost every island at least once. St. Maarten was their go-to choice nearly 20 times, but now they’ve switched up their mission to visit smaller islands, with recent itineraries including Eleuthera, Exuma, Anguilla, St. John and St. Thomas.
They say their favorites include the beach bars on Coki Beach in STT, Santana’s and Big D’s Conch Stop on Exuma, Sunset Beach Bar on SXM, Johnno’s on AXA and any bar on Jost Van Dyke in the BVI. The more rustic or “divey” the better they say.
Big D’s Conch Spot
ABI Beach Bar

Kevin and Alison
Our love for Caribbean travel began back in January of 2011 with our first trip to Negril, Jamaica! We were instantly hooked, which resulted in two more trips to Negril the following year. One of which included a marriage proposal! When it came time for the honeymoon, back to the islands we headed. This time to the British Virgin Islands! We quickly fell in love with the BVI and have since celebrated our first, second and third anniversaries there. Notice a trend? In between trips to the BVI we managed to squeeze in trips to both Anguilla and Grenada. Both of which also stole our hearts. Some of our favorite beach bars along the way include:

Jamaica: Tony’s Beach Bar in Negril, Floyd’s Pelican Bar
Anguilla: Elvis’ Beach Bar, The Sunshine Shack & Dune Preserve
Grenada: LaPlywood Beach Bar, Rogers Hog Island Bar, and all of the beach bars on Paradise Beach in Carriacou
BVI: Myetts, Quito’s, and Tony’s Welcome Bar all in Cane Garden Garden Bay, Tortola. On Jost Van Dyke favorite spots include One Love Beach Bar, Gertrude’s Bar, Ivan’s Stress Free Bar, and of course Foxy’s & Soggy Dollar Beach Bar.

Every Caribbean island we have visited thus far has been special and unique in their own way, and we have truly enjoyed them all! However, we consider Cane Garden Bay, Tortola in the BVI to be our home away from home. A spot we know we will always return to!
Mourne Rouge (BBC) Beach, Grenada

Contact Info
If I’ve offended your senses, humored you, made you laugh or cry, caused you to reach for a cold one, reminded you to book your next trip to somewhere sunny or just downright pissed you off and you want to let me know about it, you can email me at info at beachbarbums dot com. I promise I’ll reply as soon as possible … unless I’ve offended you or pissed you off. Then I’ll probably wait a while and let you cool down.

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