Getting B!tch Slapped In St. Maarten

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Every beach bar has its signature drink and at St. Maarten’s Blue Bitch Bar, overlooking the beach and boardwalk in Phillipsburg, it’s the appropriately named Bitch Slap.

I’m pretty sure the shot, which Marlene confirms in the video, includes Blue Curacao, Triple Sec and some kind of rum (background noise from the peanut gallery drowned out most of her description). I’ve conducted an exhaustive search online for about two minutes looking for the ingredients. Like any trade secret, they weren’t anywhere to be found, at least not on the first page of Google which is normally about as exhaustive as my searches get. Even if you could find the ingredients, the actual ratios probably wouldn’t be included but that’s where the research part comes in, right?

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If you find yourself in St. Maarten on Front St. in Phillipsburg or anywhere in the vicinity of the boardwalk, give the Bitch Slap at the Blue Bitch Bar a try and tell them Beach Bar Bums sent you. If they’re as much a fan of alliteration as I am, they’ll recognize there’s a real chance for a cross-promotional thing to happen. I’m not saying you’ll get anything free out of it but proclaiming “I’m a beach bar bum at the Blue Bitch Bar – Bitch Slap me!” does sound kind of catchy.

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Have you been to the Blue Bitch Bar since the hurricanes? If so, let us know what you thought of it in the comments. If you got Bitch Slapped, that’d be even better.

Find out more information about the Blue Bitch Bar in St. Maarten.

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