Grand Cayman’s Reef Resort Undergoes Renovation

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The Reef Resort in Grand Cayman underwent ambitious renovations during the last month, including upgrades to the Rusty Pelican’s beach bar. For those of you worried about the omnipresent license plates, don’t worry – they’re still there so keep bringing them with you on your visits! Other enhancements include an updated lobby and new café with more changes to come. You can view all of the latest improvements to the Reef Resort and stay up to date on their latest news by visiting their Facebook page.

Credit: Versello

Credit: Versello

We considered staying at the Reef Resort a few years back when we were trying to find less expensive options on Grand Cayman (basically, away from Seven Mile Beach). The Reef Resort kept coming to the top of the list due to its condo style rooms with kitchens or kitchenettes, close proximity to a grocery store so we could cook our own meals and the fact that every room is on the beach. While daily over the water sunsets wouldn’t be in the offing, sunrises would and for those of you hearty enough to get up that early, you would still be able to get to experience the best Mother Nature has to offer. The beach bar might not be open but something tells me a nice cup of coffee while watching the sunrise would be a pretty cool way to begin your day. You’ll just have to tell me all about it because I never plan on being up that early. Maybe the key is staying up that late!

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Author: Tom W.

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