Possible Beach Bar Crawl?

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I’m in very preliminary discussions with a travel agency regarding the possibility of putting together a five day/four night vacation that would basically be an extended beach bar crawl. Possible inclusions in the vacation package would be dinner and drinks at a beach bar each day, lodging and airport transfers.

The Bahamas were brought up as an ideal inaugural location and Grand Bahama immediately came to mind. Due to its easy access from the Caribbean and eastern seaboard of the US and number of beach bars on the island, it seemed like a logical choice.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, let me know! How does the five days/four night (Wednesday to Sunday) schedule work for you? If it was something that piqued your interest, besides what was mentioned above, what else would you like to see included in the vacation package? If you had your choice, would you rather the proposed beach bar crawl be on one island or via a cruise ship and visit multiple islands? Any other thoughts or recommendations you can offer would be appreciated!

If this beach bar crawl is something that comes to fruition, you could be enjoying a drink and this magnificent view at the beach bar at Bishop’s Resort on Grand Bahama. Curiosity sufficiently piqued?

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Author: Tom W.

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