Forty Seconds at Taki Beach Bar and Grill, Fiji

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Taki Beach Bar and Grill, part of Crusoe’s Retreat in Fiji, recently uploaded a video to YouTube. Featuring shots from around the beachfront bar, the video offers enough enticing images to move Fiji up your bucket list, as if the amazing images plastered all over the internet weren’t already enough.

I have to give props to the decision makers at Crusoe’s for creating the video to show off their beach bar. For many of us, the beach bar is where we spend most of our day from morning coffee to lunch, afternoon drinks to sunset cocktails and dinner. It’s often the hub of a resort, at least its beachfront activities, so taking the time to produce a high quality video of it is commendable.

From the YouTube description:

“Taki Beach Bar & Grill is ocean view dining at it’s very best. Sitting on the water’s edge, this restaurant allows you to bask in panoramic ocean views as you wrap your taste buds on delicious and fresh island style cuisine.”

Author: Tom W.

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