Big D’s Conch Spot, Exuma’s Beach Bar Treaure in the Bahamas

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Big D’s Conch Spot, a beach bar located on Exuma in the Bahamas, is one of those places that when you discover it, an internal debate immediately begins on whether or not you should keep this secret to yourself or tell everyone about it. On one hand, keeping it to yourself preserves it just as the way it is and makes it “your place.” On the other, telling others about it helps get the word out and in the end, hopefully the business benefits, making it even better than it was before. Luckily for us, Dennis Kozuch chose the latter and we get an introduction to Big D and his Conch Spot.

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Dennis is a true beach bar bum, describing in vivid detail pretty much the best day of vacation ever.

“You know the great feeling when you’re driving around with a couple beers just looking for that divey, worn beach bar that has about 8 bottles of liquor on the shelf, and 3 or 4 kinds of beer? Where the bartender (who may or may not be the owner) makes a killer rum punch, or uses a bunch of good dark rum to make you a
memorable rum and coke and the beer, be it a Carib or a Presidente, is ICE COLD? While we do follow up leads posted on internet sites, that new discovery is what makes it fun.”

It’s that day of discovery on Exuma that led them to Big D’s Conch Spot, located towards the north end of the island on the east coast.

“While on Exuma, we decided to check out the far end of the island where the massive Sandals resort lies. After passing Sandals we hit a couple small spots and stopped for a rum and coke at each. While there are NO bad views in Exuma, none hit that “sweet spot” until we rolled up on Big D’s Conch Spot. It’s not divey at all, but the folks there were friendly, the place was clean and the drinks were stiff. The rum punch was really good. And the conch for our salad was literally retrieved from the water right in front of the place. Big D was a giant friendly man willing to please. The prices were not cheap, but nothing is on a small island like Exuma, which sees their products taxed two or three times before it hits their bar.”

beach bar, caribbean

Big D’s comes with a big thumbs up from Dennis, who implores guests at the Sandals and visitors to the islands in general to make a beeline for the Conch Spot. All too often, we get comfortable at all-inclusive resorts and forget to check out what lies beyond the walls. Sound like Big D’s might be worth the adventure.

“If you’re staying at Sandals, get off your backside and check out Big D’s right down the road. And if you’re just cruising around, don’t miss it.”

For more on other Bahamas beach bars, be sure to check out this beach bar custom made for the masses or this one, which takes a little bit to get to but is well worth the effort.

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    I asked my husband to go to Big D’s for a takeaway grouper sandwich. Turns out grouper is on the menu as an entree, not as a sandwich. Big D himself arranged for my custom order. It was the best grouper sandwich! What happens when you get great service and yummy food? You return for more, of course; this time with my entire family! Cutest restaurant on Exuma! Great food! Best water view on Exuma! Best friendly service, by far! Big D is a man with vision, and I cannot wait to see his next project become available for tourists to enjoy. It’s going to be great!

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    • Thanks for the feedback, Devorra! It’s always good to hear back from customers when they share their experiences. Glad to hear you had a great time – now I really want to go!

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  2. My friends Randy , Betty and myself had your salad in 1998 and flew in on New Year’s Day to check out your then new place in 2000 just didn’t think about looking you up on Facebook until tonight. You are looking good my friend and nice to see your business is doing well. Would love to have a bowl of your salad today. Hope all is well with you and your family with this crazy weather. God Bless and keep you safe.

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