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If I told you there was a way to apply lotion to your whole body – including your back – without having to ask someone else for help and without the lotion ever touching your hands, would your curiosity be piqued?  If I told you this product was already in 50 Bed, Bath and Beyond stores and was scheduled for a QVC spot in the second quarter of this year, would you be interested?  It’s all true and better yet, it was created by a fellow beach bar bum.

In 2007, Brian Ammerman was minding his own business when his wife Sherri asked him to put lotion on her back.  His response, being the loving husband that he was, was “Doesn’t Bed, Bath and Beyond sell something for this?”  Her reply:  “Yeah, but they don’t work right.”  The light came on, wheels began spinning and life savings started to be spent.

When you first see the Moisturizing Mate, it looks like a mini roll on paint applicator.  Is this on purpose?

“I thought the best way to apply paint was with a roller.  It is the best coverage, most even application you can achieve…. even after all these years, it is still what the pros use to paint your house.  So that is where we started… we knew it must be a roller.”

What makes the Moisturizing Mate different that current applicators on the market?

“They sell “sponge on a stick” applicators,  but the problem with those, you still have to have the lotion with you.  We wanted our applicator to be your only companion to the tanning  bed, or to the beach.  We started envisioning the beach, (our favorite place to be) and thought how awesome it would be to be able to apply sun screen without using the annoying aerosol sprays that stain pools and the wind controls.  The most common used applicator is still the hand and then you cannot touch your eyes.  So again, we really concentrated on getting this perfect for the beach.  This became the second most important feature.”

How did you make it “beach proof” and acceptable enough for a beach bar bum?

“In order for it to be perfect for the beach,  it had to store enough lotion for several full body applications, needed to be “sealed” when not in use so the sand would stay out and needed to fit in any beach bag as an accessory.”  We had to “make it big enough to hold enough lotion but small enough to hold in a female’s hand, still have some feminine characteristics and make it for a reasonable price.  The finished product is really an awesome beach accessory.  The “green” portion is a rubber grip that helps with holding on during those hot summer days at the beach or pool.  The color is all about my favorite color of ocean, turquoise, and the packaging colors are ocean blue and green.”

How has the response been from Bed, Bath and Beyond and others?

“They have purchased approximately 1300 units so far, and sales were mild, but for an unknown product with no advertising and marketing behind it, all things considered, we’re pretty happy with where it’s at.”

“We traveled to St. Thomas for vacation in October 2012, our first vacation that we could take our Moisturizing Mates with us, and the response we got was amazing.  We had multiple people come up to us and ask us about it, and I can’t wait til the day I am on vacation and see someone using it.”

What are the plans for Moisturizing Mate going forward?

“We have produced a commercial to test in the Chicagoland area, and hope to secure some financial backing to begin running on a regional and national level.  You can view the commercial here –”

Last but certainly not least, any recommendations when it comes to beach bars?

“While we were in the islands, there were several beach bars we absolutely loved.  The most famous of course was Soggy Dollar.  The other great spot on Jost Van Dyke is the legendary Foxy’s where we had the best lunch ever!!!!!   We spent the whole day between those two places and if you haven’t been,  it is a MUST!!  We also love High Tides, in St. John, and the pool bars at the Marriott in St. Thomas, Coco Joes, is a great spot to hang out.”

For more information on Moisturizing Mate, check out their facebook page or their website,

Author: Tom W.

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