Tuesday Tunes:  Brad Paisley, “River Bank”

Tuesday Tunes: Brad Paisley, “River Bank”

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Brad Paisley’s performance of his new single, “River Bank,” was a reminder of why I love watching the ACMs (Academy of Country Music). I don’t usually watch entertainment industry awards shows on TV. I can normally find better things to do than watch a bunch of insanely wealthy people glad handing each other in celebration of their “art” for three plus hours. However, if I come across the CMA...

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Tuesday Tunes: Porter Robinson, “Sea of Voices (RAC Mix)”

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I love the RAC remix of Porter Robinson‘s latest release, “Sea of Voices.” I’ve been a fan of RAC’s mixes for awhile and wanted to feature their latest song, “Cheap Sunglasses,” in this week’s article but couldn’t find any kind of video for it. Both songs, however, are distinctly RAC and if you like what they did with “Sea of Voices,” you’ll enjoy “Cheap...

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Tuesday Tunes:  Luke Bryan, “Drink A Beer” And What It Means To Me Today

Tuesday Tunes: Luke Bryan, “Drink A Beer” And What It Means To Me Today

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Two years ago today, my father-in-law Mark (“Buckwheat” to everyone who knew him) passed away at too young of an age. We had found out the summer before that he had cancer and that it was terminal so the last few months of his life were spent enjoying the time we still had with him, which included introducing him to his newest grandchild, my daughter Harper. Mark passed away the day before Harper turned five months old and in the two...

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Tuesday Tunes:  Gordon Lightfoot, “Sundown”

Tuesday Tunes: Gordon Lightfoot, “Sundown”

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Someone strumming Gordon Lightfoot classic “Sundown” on an old beat up acoustic guitar as the sun sets over the ocean might be the perfect way to close any day at a beach bar. Share this:TweetShare on...

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Tuesday Tunes:  NEEDTOBREATHE, “State I’m In”

Tuesday Tunes: NEEDTOBREATHE, “State I’m In”

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The song featured in this week’s Tuesday Tunes, “State I’m In,” by NEEDTOBREATHE, was just released today. If you find yourself searching for a song to get you out of your duldrums, this might just be the song to do it. It’s a southern bluesy rocker that sounds like it came straight out of Yep Roc Records with enough C.C. Adcock kick to it to get any party going. For more on the new album, “Rivers...

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