Tuesday Tunes:  RAC, “Tear You Down”

Tuesday Tunes: RAC, “Tear You Down”

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I’ve featured RAC on the blog before (you can check out the article here) so I won’t go into his background in this posting. I heard “Tear You Down (featuring Alex Ebert),” from his new album “Strangers Part 1,” on a recent Hawaii Five-0 episode and immediately thought “beach bar playlist!” It has the mellow vibe required for liming on the beach and would be a welcome soundtrack to any sunset session. Consequence of Sound...

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Tuesday Tunes:  OneRepublic, “Love Runs Out”

Tuesday Tunes: OneRepublic, “Love Runs Out”

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“Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic is the perfect song to get the beach bar crowd going late on a Saturday night. It’s a toe tapping, hand clapping good time tailor made to get even the most arduous bumps on a log off their bums and onto the beach to shake what their mamas gave them. Don’t play it too early in the night, though. Let the opening act trio of Jack and Jim and Captain Morgan get the crowd warmed up for the headliner. It’ll...

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Tuesday Tunes:  Magic!, “Rude”

Tuesday Tunes: Magic!, “Rude”

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“Rude,” the latest single by the band Magic! (yes, there’s an exclamation point at the end), is an ode to forbidden love that a lot of dads with daughters probably won’t appreciate. However, as a dad with a daughter, the tune’s reggae tinged beats are catchy enough that you might actually consider letting your daughter marry the lead singer of a struggling garage band. OK, maybe not but it is the perfect...

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Tuesday Tunes – Under The Covers

Tuesday Tunes – Under The Covers

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A lot of songs, when presented in their original or most popular version, aren’t always the most appropriate for a beach bar. “Titanium” by David Guetta, while perfect for the dance floor or late at night at a beach club, might drive away your patrons if you started playing it at your favorite beachfront dive. That’s where singer/songwriters come in. Once they put their stamp on a song, it can be bottled up, packaged and shipped to...

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Tuesday Tunes:  Machel Montano, “H.M.A. (Happiest Man Alive)”

Tuesday Tunes: Machel Montano, “H.M.A. (Happiest Man Alive)”

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Machel Montano‘s latest video, “H.M.A. (Happiest Man Alive),” is the lateest hit for the international soca star. While reggae music may be the preferred genre heard on the airwaves throughout the Caribbean, soca stars such as Montano, Kerwin Du Bois and Sparrow, are here to ensure Soca keeps growing in popularity. “H.M.A.” is another step in the right direction to help Soca gain the crossover appeal that...

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