Discover Peace & Plenty at this Beach Bar in Exuma, Bahamas

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When it comes to beach bars in the Bahamas, visitors might be surprised to find out one of the best ones is owned by a resort. While it may not be the classic ramshackle-style beach bars many of us favor, the beach club at Peace & Plenty Resort in George Town, Exuma, Bahamsas, still manages to maintain everything that makes those classic Caribbean beach bars so appealing. It’s also a quick ferry ride away on Stocking Island – a short jaunt that’s free for resort guests and only $20 for others. Guest author Dennis Kozuch recommends it and that’s good enough for us!

Visitors to the Bahamas expect to see their fair share of beach bars, oftentimes nestled on an idyllic cove or powder white sand beach. There are also my favorites, which are beat down shacks manned by the same proprietor the last decade or so. Working out of a cooler and a charcoal grill, these are the places where you’ll hear the best stories, learn a little about the history of your destination or simply make new friends.

Social media rightfully touts many of these beach bars with visitors looking for that perfect visit. Good or bad, Facebook pages and Instagram posts make it hard to keep many places a secret.

On Exuma, there are quite a few notable beach bars, with Santanna’s at the top of the list. In fact, I’ve previously stated that Santanna’s is the mecca of Caribbean beach bars. Big D’s is also worth a stop. Chat ‘n Chill on Stocking Island (a short water taxi ride away) is also world famous.

But a recent visit to Exuma revealed that the Peace & Plenty Resort in “downtown” Georgetown has a sister property on Stocking Island. They also offer a free water taxi ride to the beach bar on the hour, as opposed to the $20 water taxi ride over to Chat ‘n Chill. This should be on your “to do” list should you find yourself examining your options while on Exuma.

Once you arrive, it’s a short walk from the pier to Peace & Plenty Beach Club. Well maintained with tropical gardens and walkways, this is not the ramshackle-style beach bar previously mentioned but it has many of those qualities in a non-pretentious setting.

Free use of beach chairs. Good music. A beautiful beach. And those famous swings.

Prices are reasonable (based on Exuma pricing). There are maybe 25 bottles on the back bar. Cold beer is served out of a big cooler packed with ice. A compact but tasty menu is served off of a charcoal grill. Plus – friendly bartenders! Plenty of shaded seating is available to enjoy your lunch or snack.

You could da waaaaay worse than taking that short water taxi ride over to Peace & Plenty. Cheers!

Thanks again to Dennis for sharing his Bahamas beach bar experience with us! Find out more about the Bahamas and its beach bars!

Author: Tom W.

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