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Daylight saving time just kicked off in our neck of the woods and that means I’m that much closer to a beach bar in Florida. With spring break just three looooongweeks away, my thoughts during the day often turn to powder sand, sunsets in the Panhandle and hopefully not-too-cold weather. Until then, I’ll have to escape virtually with the latest beach bar pics from around the globe … or at least part of it. 🙂

sunfari jeep tour st. john st. thonmas usvi

If you’d like your images to be featured on the blog, make sure you’re following @beachbarbums, use the #beachbarbums tag and/or tag us in your pics. If you have a travel blog or personal website, I also try and post links to those whenever possible. I occasionally give away free stuff to some of my favorites so that’s pretty cool, I guess. Plus, the blog gets a BUNCH of views per day and the article is shared to all of my social media sites – you’ll never find a more dedicated group of beach bar lovers anywhere! If you’d like me to write an article featuring just your photos, send me an email at info at beach bar bums dot com and we’ll talk it over.

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