Sunfari Adventures – Bespoke Fun for the Perfect Day Tour on St.Thomas/St. John in the US Virgin Islands

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When it comes to Jeep tours (or any tours) of St. Thomas or St. John in the US Virgin Islands, Sunfari Adventures will always be our go to. After an amazing day trip with Micky, who owns Sunfari with his wife, it quickly became clear that a day spent cruising around the islands with Micky in his Jeep Wrangler really is the best day.
Since we had already been to St. Thomas previously, we knew which sites we wanted to see on our latest trip there and what we wanted to do. After asking for recommendations in my Beach Bar Bums group on Facebook, the overwhelming response was to go with Sunfari Adventures. I’m glad we did!

sunfari jeep tour st. john st. thonmas usvi

Communication with Micky was quick and easy. I told him the spots we wanted to visit, what we were interested in and he filled in the rest. If someone was ever born to do a job, it is Micky. He was a gracious and patient host, took us to the spots he knew we would enjoy based on our interests and was absolutely amazing with our kids. There was never any pressure to move on from one spot to the next. He simply waited until we were done and then we went on to the next stop.

If you’ve never done a Jeep tour or don’t own a Jeep, riding in one of Sunfari’s Jeeps is an experience in and of itself. I own a Jeep so when I found out the top was going to be off, I was excited. There’s just something about cruising the island in a topless Jeep Wrangler that can’t be beat.

An added bonus of doing a tour with Micky is that he takes pictures of your group all day. I’ve often wished I could have my own personal photographer to document my travels and experiences and with Micky, that wish finally came true. He’ll capture moments you miss and at the of the day, that’s always worth the price of admission and just another way he separates himself from the other tour operators on the island.

Mountain Top
sunfari jeep tour st. john st. thonmas usvi
We started off the day at Mountain Top. The highest point in St. Thomas, Mountain Top is a shopper’s dream come true. With every possible souvenir you could ever want on the island under one roof, it’s a one-stop shop to get any gifts you might want for yourself or others.

Mountain Top is also home to the self-proclaimed world-famous Banana Daiquiri. It comes frozen with a rum float on top and is well worth whatever price you pay for it. While the bar is full service, I asked the bartender if he made 100 drinks, how many of them were banana daiquiris. I guessed 95 and he said it was more than that! You might be tempted to order another drink but get the banana daiquiri and take it outside to enjoy the view.

sunfari jeep tour st. john st. thonmas usvi

Being the highest spot in St. Thomas, the view from Mountain Top is unparalleled. The viewing platform faces mostly northeast, offering incomparable views of Magens Bay and the islands and cays beyond. There are signs identifying which islands lie in your view in case you want to be able to tell people what you were looking at when you get home.

sunfari jeep tour st. john st. thonmas usvi

Udder Delite
We’ve been to Udder Delite but wanted to revisit it again because, you know, boozy milkshakes. The area was unrecognizable from our last visit, with the bare land now making way for housing units. Udder Delite itself had also expanded with an enlarged outdoor deck now its centerpiece. The new ownership at Udder Delite had clearly put some money into the facility to make it more of a stay-and-enjoy kind of place vs. an order-and-go stop.

sunfari jeep tour st. john st. thonmas usvi

The shakes were as good as I remember. We asked for the one with the most booze and it came with a rum float as well. The kids enjoyed their shakes as well although I couldn’t tell you for sure who enjoyed them more – the parents or the children!

Magens Bay
Magens Bay doesn’t need any kind of written platitudes from me to confirm its world-renown status as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. What might surprise you is how quickly it has recovered from the devastating hurricane season of 2017. If you didn’t know, you would never be able to tell a hurricane had stripped this area, and the island as a whole, of most of its vegetation.

I spent a lot of time at the beach bar at Magens Bay. Grab a drink and then grab a stool at the outside rail to enjoy the view. You’ll soon discover why this beach bar is probably my favorite on the island.

sunfari jeep tour st. john st. thonmas usvi

Secret Harbour Beach
Time was running out on our day and since Micky knew I had a fondness for beach bars, he recommended Secret Harbour Beach. Formerly home to the Cruzan Beach Club at Sunset Grille, the beach still features Sunset Grille and the now renamed Beach Bar. Both are part of the Secret Harbour Beach Resort which spans the entirety of the beach.

sunfari jeep tour st. john st. thonmas usvi

Micky nailed it with this one. It was the perfect setting to the perfect ending for the perfect day. From the towering palms to the gentle waves and late afternoon sun, I couldn’t imagine a better way to end the day. I just needed to figure how to be there at sunset! Throw in a late lunch/early dinner and a cocktail or two and it was easy to see why the locals wanted to keep Secret Harbour a secret.

I mentioned it at the beginning of this article but it’s worth it to emphasize it at the end – if you’re looking for a fun day tour of St. Thomas and St. John, Sunfari Adventures should be at the top of your list. You’ll be guaranteed a bespoke day of fun, get to know the islands, make a lifelong friend and have the pictures to prove it. That sounds like the perfect day to me!

Find out more about Sunfari Adventures!

sunfari jeep tour st. john st. thonmas usvi

I negotiated a discounted rate for our day tour in return for my services which included a promise to write this article. Still, this review is honest and truthful and I can’t imagine going back to the USVI and not booking another tour with Sunfari Adventures. Micky and I are now lifelong friends whether he likes it or not. I have a notion you’ll feel the same way, too, after a day with him.

Author: Tom W.

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