Sale Launched at Beach Bar Bums Store

Looking for some good deals on merchandise while you’re stuck at home? If so, our Beach Bar Bums store is currently having a promotion through the end of April. Merchandise, which includes tees, tanks, coffee mugs, beach bags and stickers, are all 19% off through April. All you have to do to get the discount is click on “I have a promo code,” enter the promo code “COVID19” and a 19% discount will be applied to any items in your cart.

If you’re going to be online spending money on merch, why not choose something that will make you look infinitely cooler on the beach or by the pool? And if these shirts aren’t conversation starters, I don’t know what is.

Added bonus – buy something from our store, send us a pic and we’ll share it to our Facebook page. You’ll be famous … or something similar to it.

Still here? Cool, that means you really want the link to the store. Just think of all the money you’ll be saving. You can thank us later. Now it’s time to buy some Beach Bar Bums merchandise.

Author: Tom W.

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