Parent Tax and the Blueberry Whiskey Sour

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A telltale sign that spring is in the air is when my daily cocktail switches from an old fashioned to a whiskey sour. Stouts and porters melt away as quickly as the snow with the onset of warm weather and domestic light/lite beers become the go-to when I’m feeling especially lazy.

When I posted this blueberry whiskey sour to my personal Facebook page, quite a few people reached out to me for the recipe and how to make. It’s an easy drink to make so I decided to put together a how-to article because, you know, that ‘s what I do.

The inspiration came from my kids plowing through all of our blueberries as I stood by and watched haplessly. In an effort to keep them from turning into Violet Beauregarde, I swiped a handful, called it a “parent tax” and whipped up this delightful concoction. I must say it was worth it.

•2 oz whiskey – Don’t go expensive on the whiskey. I used Jim Beam.
•1 oz lemon juice – Please make it fresh if you can.
•3/4 oz demerara syrup – Video on how to make this is below.
•20 blueberries – Adjust for taste

1 . Combine all of the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake the shite out of it. I normally shake about eight times. I like even numbers.
2. Use a strainer and strain ingredients into rocks glass filled with ice. You have to use the strainer to keep all of the beat up blueberries out of your drink and off of your teeth.
3. Enjoy and let your kids know you used their blueberries to make it. Parent tax, y’all.

Here’s a handy dandy link to a pdf of the instructions for your Parent Tax and the Blueberry Whiskey Sour!

Author: Tom W.

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