Beach Bar Pic of the Week – Rancho Tranquilo, Jiquilillo Beach, Nicaragua

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When one of my fellow beach bar bums submitted the below picture of a beach bar in Nicaragua for consideration in our “Beach Bar Pic of the Week” column, I was pretty excited. The blog is so heavily focused on certain areas of the world that we don’t often have the opportunity to explore regions that are less visited by the majority of our readers. That’s why this image, submitted by Eric von Winckler, is special. Nicaragua is a beautiful country on its own merit and as this image conveys, it has that beach bar thing down pat.

The first glance at the beach bar, which is located at the Rancho Tranquilo resort, tells you everything you need to know about it. Nothing looks up to code, everything looks like it was sourced within walking distance and as with any great beach bar, you’re going to get a little sandy. The only thing I can spot that’s wrong with it is that I’m not there.

Image Info
Title – None
Photographer – Eric von Winckler
Date Taken – October 2019
Source – Photographer
License – All rights reserved.
Settings – N/A
Camera – N/A

About the Beach Bar
“Rancho Tranquilo is created by Tina Morris from San Francisco in the USA, about 9 years ago she arrived as first Gringo in Jiquilillo with only her backpack and a mind full of ideas how paradise should look like. Tina opened the doors 7,5 years ago and by the way she runned the place it is a ho(s)tel where everybody feels at home and didn’t leave without her famous hugg’s.

We keep Tina’s spirit high and fulfill her ideas how her place should be and still serving the great vegetarian dishes she created.

Together with 2 local ladies, Momi in the kitchen and Isabella in the housekeeping we make sure that we make your stay special and give you the home away from home feeling that you will not forget….”

Find out more about Hotel Rancho Tranquilo and other Nicaragua beach bars.

Have you been to this beach bar? If so, let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

Author: Tom W.

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