North Carolina’s Outer Banks Through the Unfiltered Lens of Instagram

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One of the aspects of Instagram that I appreciate is its focus on visual storytelling. On our recent trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I tried to expand on that by lengthening my comments beyond the typical “this is a picture of fill in the blank at blankety blank location” notations. I find that I appreciate it when visual storytellers include a detailed description of the moment, going beyond what the picture is of and actually letting us take a peek at the decision-making process behind the post. Kind of the “story behind the story” if you will.

I tried to do that a more on our trip to the OBX, giving people a little bit of an insightful description as to exactly why I chose those pictures to post that day. I hope the visceral in-the-moment emotion came through.

The last Instagram post I’m including in this article wasn’t actually written during the trip. Rather, it was my first time to pause and take a look back at what exactly the trip meant to myself and us as a family. We will be returning to these islands and beaches that help protect American’s southeast. While I yearned for my palm trees, we’ll be back for when it comes to our vacation, nothing beats days filled with salty seas, sand and memories.

The images and quoted descriptions below are pulled from my Instagram account. They give an immediate unfiltered look back at my day in the OBX with the last post as described above. I hope you enjoy them!

“View for the week from our house! Looking forward to a week in #nagshead the #OBX. “And that slow, crooked, seemingly aimless path of our lives at the beach may just be getting us closer and closer to our best selves.” Sandy Gingras, How to Live at the Beach”

View of the back deck of our house in Nags Head, North Carolina. Most of the houses are protected by dunes in this area of the OBX


“Spent our first full day (Sunday) in the OBX at the North Carolina Aquarium and Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse. Kids loved it so it made for a great diversion as the remnants of Nestor made their way through the area!”

Walking up to the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse in Manteo, North Carolina, part of the OBX


“Took a bunch of pics today but I think this one sums it up best. The #OBX spoiled us with a perfect day so we took advantage and spent it at the beach here in #NagsHead. Few things in life are better than a day at the beach with friends and family!”

View of the beach from the walkway of our house in Nags Head, North Carolina. This was the perfect day in the OBX


“We left Nags Head almost 10 days ago after experiencing our first vacation in the OBX. This was the last shot I took and the closest I came to seeing the sunrise the whole week. Once you’ve been there, the region gets in your bones and you spend many waking moments figuring out how to get back with the plan to gradually make every visit a little bit longer or more frequent until it becomes your forever home. Until then ….”

The last picture I took as I left the beac on our last day in Nags Head, North Carolina. I was already missing the OBX.

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