56 Wonderful Seconds at the Naked Fisherman Restaurant and Beach Bar in St. Lucia

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When it comes to resorts doing beach bars right, few have figured it out better than St. Lucia’s Cap Maison with its Naked Fisherman. A restaurant and beach bar located within a sheltered cove on the resort’s property, the beach bar offers an escape like no other. Sitting directly on the beach with the Caribbean’s waves lapping a few feet away, the beach bar is your “get away from it all” moment all wrapped up in one nice pretty package. With the beach bar as the only structure on the small beach and greenery towering all around, it’s easy to get lost in the moment.

Image by Susan Wilkinson from Pixabay

I recall asking many people who live in the Caribbean where they like to vacation. I was surprised by their answer. With popular tourist destinations such as the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, St. Martin/Maarten and others a short flight away, by far the most popular answer was St. Lucia. Besides its mountainous terrain, lush jungle and incomparable beaches, it has the Naked Fisherman. After watching this video, that may be the last excuse you need to move this island up your travel wish list.

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