Five Videos That Might Convince You to Make the Leap at Rick’s Café in Jamaica … or Simply Sit Back and Enjoy the View

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Beach bars, most likely surrounded by natural beauty, often look for other means to keep their patrons entertained. From “shot skis” to big screen TVs to live music, the idea is to give customers a reason to visit and then keep them there with the scenery.

Rick’s Café, the world famous beach bar on Jamaica’s west coast, has this concept figured out. Any visitor to Jamaica already knows about Ricks’ Café. If there are world’s best beach bars lists out there, chances are high that Rick’s is on there and if they’re not, the veracity of the list should be checked. What Rick’s offers is simple, thanks to its geography and the cliffs it is built on. Most people refer to it as “cliff diving” of “cliff jumping.” I prefer to label it as “something I’ll never do.”

The concept is simple – build a handful of platforms and let the more courageous (or “slightly out of their senses”) among us make the leap. The rest of us can sit back, enjoy a rum punch or two and take in the spectacle until nature shows up with its daily sunset show. Whoever came up with the cliff diving/jumping is a genius.

In case my poetic prose isn’t convincing enough to make you want to visit Rick’s Café for sunsets or diving/jumping, a handful of videos have been compiled for your viewing pleasure. The choice is yours – to make the leap or not?

Have you been to Rick’s Cafe? Did you make the leap or sit back and enjoy the show? Let us know in the comments! Still not convinced? You can view more of our compiled videos of Rick’s Cafe. You can also find out more about Jamaica and its beach bars.

Special thanks to Val Johnston-Homan for the awesome image!

Author: Tom W.

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