60 Seconds at Buccaneer Beach Bar in St. Maarten

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When we were in St. Maarten a few years ago, one of our favorite beach bars to visit was Buccaneer Beach Bar. Located just down the beach from our resort, it was within easy walking distance and allowed access to beach bars in an area that didn’t have many of them.

Since then, the area has changed dramatically, with the empty area next to the Royal Palm now housing the high end Roxxy Beach Club. Buccaneer still remains on the south end of the beach, however, appealing to locals and tourists alike who prefer a little more laidback atmosphere.

If you’re heading to St. Maarten, consider a stop at Buccaneer Beach Bar. I think the beach is still referred to as Kimsha but if you or your driver aren’t sure, just go to the Atrium. Buccaneer is just a couple properties to the west. And that view of Simpson Bay and its boats – that just doesn’t get old. Be sure and stick around for sunset. You won’t regret it.

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Author: Tom W.

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