We Built Our Own Beach Bar – Lou and Kathy Siri’s S.O.B.

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When it comes to outdoor living in northern Indiana, time is limited. Sure, you can participate in various outdoor activities when it’s cold out but when it comes down to a preference, I think most Hoosiers would prefer the warmth and sunshine of the summer months. And what makes fun in the sun on Indiana’s largest natural lake even more enjoyable? Your very own personal tiki bar, of course. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Lou and Kathy Siri’s S.O.B. (responses provided by Lou).

When you were thinking about the overall theme/idea for the bar, did you have any particular place in mind? What was your inspiration?
“The pergola actually was built first (story below) but as for the tiki bar – the initial inspiration came for our first visit to Isla Mujeres, Mexico and one particular little bar at Villa La Bella Bed and Breakfast! They had swings for seats and that started the whole idea. I then wanted the concrete bar top to simulate the blues you see in the Caribbean waters…. ”

I believe you’ve done almost all, if not all, of the work yourself. What was that process like?
“Yes, I have done all the work. I absolutely love projects like this and just wing it when I get started. Kathy was out of town for a weekend and surprised her by building the pergola as we just had an open patio that needed something. After that (and after our trip to Mexico), the tiki bar was born.”

You’re on a channel on a lake so neighbors can be a little close. How has their reaction been? How has the reaction been from family and friends?
“Actually, our ‘hood is very quiet but we have great neighbors that are always wondering what our next project will be! Of course, friends and family love to boat over and hangout with many “get togethers” during the summer months and into the fall with the fire pit and patio heaters. We enjoy friends randomly stopping by as the tiki bar is always open (as long as we are home)!

Also I would like to mention, our neighbors are always kind enough to allow our friends to park their boats at their piers for the get togethers.”

Anything unique or out of the ordinary for the bar?
“I would say the concrete bar top stained blue.”

Any expansion plans in the future for your bar?
“Since your visit, we finally broke down over the weekend and installed a TV. Now Kathy wants a BIGGER TV! Also, a small swing bed is in the future (inspired by the swing bed cabanas at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica in Cabo).”

“The nickname for our tiki bar (S.O.B.) is a nod (with our twist) to one of our favorite bars on Fort Myers Beach.

Came up with the sun design behind the fire pit and had a local fabricator make it for us.”

Do you have a backyard bar like Lou and Kathy’s that you would like to have featured in an article on the blog? If so, send me an email at info (at) beachbarbums (dot) com and we’ll make you famous. Of course, we can’t do anything about the sudden crowds showing up at your house but ‘tis the price of fame.

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