Hurricane Dorian and the Bahamas – What We Can Tell You (9/10 Update)

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Category 5 Hurricane Dorian ravaged the northwestern Bahamas with its eye making landfall first in Elbow Cay and then moving onto Marsh Harbour and Grand Bahama island. Churning through the archipelago at 1 mph and stalling over the region for almost two days, Dorian has devastated this island paradise.

Updates have been posted to the Facebook page as often as I can find them. In an effort to further help keep individuals up to date with the latest information, this article has been created and will be updated as often as possible. Just as we did with Hurricane Irma a couple years ago, updates on businesses, rescue efforts and fundraising initiatives will be posted as we verify them. The verification process is simple – if a business’s social media site posts about the fundraising effort, we will share it. As always, you should still do your due diligence when it comes to giving money, materials or the like.

The businesses are listed below in alphabetical order with the most recent updates at the top. Most are beach bars or tourism/hospitality-related businesses such as resorts, tour companies or restaurants. The vast majority of these businesses are located in the Abacos or Grand Bahama Island, both areas which took a direct hit from the eye of Hurricane Dorian. Properties of interest from other areas in the Bahamas will be added as requested.

Disclaimer – These reports have been gleaned from social media. We have not reached out to any of the properties to officially verify any of the information noted below.

Abaco Inn
(link to fundraiser)
9/10: Facebook post on 9/7 confirmed “devastating damage.” Link to GoFundMe provided.
9/3: According to their Facebook page, they have very limited communications. Unconfirmed reports state Villas G and H are gone. The Inn is “pretty destroyed.”

Bertha’s Blue Dinghy
9/4: No updates.

Baker’s Bay Marina
9/4: No updates.

Bernie’s Tekie Hut
9/4: No updates.

Chat ‘N’ Chill Beach Bar
9/4: No damage to property.

Cleveland’s Beach Club
9/6: Facebook page updated with pics on 9/4. Most of property appears to be intact with one structure damaged by fallen palm tree. Grounds are currently flooded.

Coconut Grove
9/3: Unofficial reports claim heavy damage.

Coral Beach and Sandpiper Beach Bar
9/10: GoFundMe created. Trying to verify before sharing the link
9/4: No updates.

Cracker P’s Bar and Grill
9/4: Aerial images give them hope that structure is still standing – roof that is possibly theirs can be seen in image.
9/3:No updates on property. They are prepping three 100 foot boats to make deliveries to the area as soon as possible.

Firefly Sunset Resort
9/10: Facebook post on 9/9 stated that local people in Charleston, SC could attend fundraising event or purchase t-shirts to help raise funds. No update on property.
9/4: Videos posted to social media show extensive damage. The pier is gone. Email for anything Dorian related.

Grabbers Bed Bar and Grill
9/10: Post to Facebook on 9/8 confirmed that all employees are safe and well. “ … surges came over the bow, and the stern, but we are still floating with Hope.”
9/4: No updates.

Grand Lucayan
9/4: As of the evening of August 29th, it is closed until Hurricane Dorian passes.

Hope Town Inn & Marina
9/10: Updated shared to Facebook on 9/9 stated they will be closed until further notice. “Some damage.” All employees are accounted for and most have been evacuated to Nassau or the US. You can call them at 242-357-6775.
9/4: Phone lines disabled as of 4 pm on August 31. No updates since then.

Hope Town Harbour Lodge
9/10: Closed until further notice due to extensive damage. No loss of life. They ask that you stay connected with them on Facebook.
9/4: Unofficial reports state that it has collapsed.

Lover’s Beach Bar and Restaurant
9/4: No updates.

Lubbers Landing
(link to fundraiser)
9/10: Link to GoFundme posted.
9/6: Facebook post on 9/5 states that property was hit badly. They are in the process of assessing damage.

Manta Ray Beach Club
9/4: No updates.

Margaritaville Sand Bar
9/4: No updates.

Nipper’s Beach Bar & Grill
9/10: Post to Facebook on 9/6 stated that everyone who remained on Guana Cay through the hurricane is alive. Statement goes on to express appreciation for support and asks for prayers during this devastating time.
9/6: Aerial images posted to Facebook show heavy damage to the property.
9/4: No updates. They are posting on Facebook but nothing related to property. Other unconfirmed reports state that it has been destroyed.

Old Bahama Bay
(link to fundraiser)
9/10: Facebook post on 9/9 reported that supplies were delivered to East End and High Rock. Link to GoFundMe provided.
9/4:According to Facebook post, the marina and resort grounds are completely submerged. Fundraising efforts and donation information can be found on the page.

On Da Beach Bar and Restaurant and Turtle Hill Resort
(link to fundraiser)
9/10: Link provided to purchase turtle necklace to help raise funds for Hope Town.
9/4: Aerial images of property posted to their Facebook page.
9/3: According to a Facebook post the morning of September 3, “damage does look minimal.”

Paradise Cove Beach Resort
(link to fundraiser)
9/10: GoFundMe link provided.
9/6: Video posted to Facebook on 9/5 shows lot of sand and seaweed but little damage to property.
9/3: According to Facebook posts from the afternoon of September 2, the property appears relatively unscathed.

Sandy Toes Rose Island
9/4: Post on Facebook page asks for donations to Bahamas. No update on status of property.

Sea Spray Resort & Marina
9/4: No official updates. Unofficial word from the ground is that the property is gone.

The Stoned Crab
9/4: No updates.

Tony Macaroni’s Conch Experience
9/6: According to Facebook post on 9/5, Tony is fine. Phone service is patchy and the deck has sustained only superficial damage.

Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach
9/4: No updates.

Fundraising Efforts and Giving Opportunities
The links below are for verified general fundraising efforts or opportunities to donate. If a verified fundraiser has been created for a specific business, it will be listed above underneath that business.

Disclaimer: The only way we have to verify fundraisers is if the business/organization shares it on their Facebook page and/or website or they reach out to me personally. As always, do your own due diligence when it comes to donating your money or materials. – The official site of the Bahamas provides links to make a donation and provide supplies for US and Canadian residents. The site is also a great resource for the most up to date information related to Hurricane Dorian.

Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue (HTVFR) – This Hurricane Dorian fundraising effort has taken off quickly on GoFundMe. The HTVFR has shared the link on their Facebook page. – The site provides multiple links to help in the recovery effort in the Bahamas.

Royal CaribbeanHurricane Dorian relief efforts coordinated through the Pan American Devlopment Foundation.

Red Cross – Donate to the international organization directly to help in the recovery efforts of the Bahamas post-Dorian.

Humane Society of Grand Bahama – Because our four legged friends matter as well.

Abaco Shelter – The only shelter remaining on Abaco. You can donate directly on their website.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. Thanks for these updates Tom. Cheers to the man in the video in Houses under Water. He seems really calm for the ocean being all around him, up on stilts in hurricane force winds

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    • Good to hear from you, Andy! I don’t know if I could have remained that calm. I haven’t heard updates on his condition but I’m hopeful he survived.

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  2. Thanks for the continuing updates, and the list of places for donations.

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    • Thank you for keeping the Bahamas in your thoughts, Jim.

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  3. Still waiting to hear about Viva Wyndham. I was married there 10 year ago.

    Post a Reply
    • Lora, we’ll update the article as soon as we hear anything. As of this morning, there were no definitive updates on the resort.

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      • Any updates on Futuna beach wyndom ? I am a 30 year member and I have many friends who live and work on the Long Island. Any news would be very much appreciated.

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        • Lou, according to their website, it looks like they’re set to reopen December 10th.

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  4. I am interested how the Coral Beach Hotel and Port Lacaya made out in hurricane Dorian. I have stayed at the Coral Beach Hotel several times.

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    • Barb, we have no info at this time on either of those locations. I’ll update the article as it becomes available to us.

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