60 Seconds of Cliff Jumping at Jamaica Beach Bar Rick’s Cafe

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In a claim that was previously unknown to me, Rick’s Cafe, a beach bar located outside Negril on the western tip of Jamaica, is renown to have the most cliff jumping in one minute. Seeing as how there are multiple spots to jump from, it might a claim that is hard to refute. Plus, let’s admit it – most tourists make the journey to Rick’s to do exactly that – cliff jump. Is it a surprise that the YouTuber made the claim? Probably not.

Have you made the leap at Rick’s? If so, how was it? Did you go off the tallest cliff right away or ease into it by starting at a shorter one? I’m not sure I could do it so either way if you made the jump, you did more than I ever would have. Well, maybe before a rum punch … or five.

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Author: Tom W.

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