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Putting this latest post together, I realized I hadn’t shared Instagram posts of our favorite beach bars from around the world since the end of July. I don’t really have a good excuse for it but my laziness (or maybe I was just busy?) has resulted in what might be the longest post of its kind since I started this series. The timing couldn’t be better – as the summer season winds down for some of our favorite destinations, beach bars take the opportunity for a break. Some take a month, some stretch it to two months and those who can creep up on the three month getaway. Until then, hopefully they’ll be posting updates and I will in turn be able to keep providing those to you. Something has to hold us over, right?

If you’d like your images to be featured on the blog, make sure you’re following @beachbarbums, use the #beachbarbums tag and/or tag us in your pics. If you have a travel blog or personal website, I also try and post links to those whenever possible. I occasionally give away free stuff to some of my favorites so that’s pretty cool, I guess. Plus, the blog gets a BUNCH of views per day and the article is shared to all of my social media sites – you’ll never find a more dedicated group of beach bar lovers anywhere! If you’d like me to write an article featuring just your photos, send me an email at info at beach bar bums dot com and we’ll talk it over.

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Thanks to @1beyondthereef and @commercialdiveservices, the old Willy T is finally off the beach at Norman Island where she spent the last 2 years in ruin washed ashore by Hurricane Irma. Now a sunken pirate themed haunted shipwreck in her final resting place, the former Willy T has been repurposed into an artificial reef and dive site off of Peter island for all to enjoy. $5 donations to dive the site support BVI youth swim programs. The sinking took place yesterday and you can check it all out as well as other artificial dive sites in the works at NEW replacement Willy T is back in her original place floating at The Bight at Norman Island; let us take you there! ☠‍☠️ @willy_t_bvi . . . . . #BoatDayVI #awayfromeveryday #WillyT #williamthornton #artificialreef #divesite #pirateship #haunted #virginislands #peterisland #bvi #beyondthereef #underwater #underthesea #shipwreck #intotheblue #walktheplank #crystalclearwater #instadive #oceanviews #scubadiving #piratesofthecaribbean #pirate #britishvirginislands #boatday #beachbarbums #floatingbar #sunkenship #BVISecrets #BVITourism

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Well… @belmondcapjuluca, what can I say. Just when I thought I’d seen it all, @belmond come along and raise the bar completely. The renovation of the original luxury hotel in the Caribbean is just breathtaking, chic, original and well thought out. They’ve kept the original architecture which makes this stunning property timeless. @belmond & @belmondcapjuluca, #cheers to you for an amazing job, it’s perfect! @campostellato @tiagomsarmento #anguilla #belmond #belmondcapjuluca #maundaysbay #stunning #beautiful #beach #anguillabeaches #turquoisewater #ocean #view #breathtaking #paradise #traveling #darlingescapes #luxuryhotel #beautifulplace #timelessanguilla #tlpicks #travelgram #travelphotography #summer #travelling #vacation

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