Six Plus: Videos That Will Make You Wish You Were at a Bermuda Beach Bar

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As much as I would love for it to be a reality, getting paid to visit beach bars around the world isn’t likely in any of my future plans. Discovering beach bars, therefore, relies a lot on the beach bar bums community and information available online, principally through social media sites, review sites like Trip Advisor and one of my favorite vices – YouTube.

To help expand the blog’s reach beyond our normal coverage area of North American and the Caribbean, I peruse through endless beach bar videos on YouTube. When I find one that I like and is generally put together well, I’ll share a post about it. It’s especially helpful if it’s a recent one – my readers can get up to date info on their favorite beach bars and often first person reviews from people like themselves who generally aren’t being paid to be there.

I’m going to try and take that concept to the next level while expanding my “Six Plus” series of articles at the same time by featuring at least, you guessed it, six videos of beach bars at different locations around the world.

First up – Bermuda! It’s surprisingly difficult to find information on beach bars in Bermuda. Even though they love their rum swizzles, they must prefer slightly swankier digs to drink them. Either way, I found six videos and even though they’re not within the last year, you can get a pretty good look at the small-but-still-there beach bar scene on this island paradise in the middle of the Atlantic.

Calico Jack’s Floating Bar & Swimming Hole

Achilles Bay Beach Bar

Achilles Bay Beach Bar

Rum Bum Beach Bar, Horseshoe Bay Beach

Mickey’s Beach Bar and Bistro

Calico Jack’s Floating Bar

Like I said, it’s hard to find info on Bermuda beach bars so here’s a recent one about Bermuda in general in all its 4K glory.

Want to check out all the videos back to back without having to start the next one? I’ve made it easier for you – check out our Bermuda beach bars playlist!

Do you have any information on the above beach bars? If so, let us know in the comments!

Author: Tom W.

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