Seven Plus Minutes at Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica

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First off, don’t even bother arguing with me about whether or not Floyd’s Pelican Bar qualifies as a beach bar. It’s literally surrounded by sand. True, all of that sand is under water as Floyd’s sits in and above the waters just off Jamaica. It’s a beach bar, no doubt about it, so let’s just move on to what makes this video so much fun.

While a large portion of the video is spent getting to and from the Pelican Bar, most of the video is spent exploring this world famous bar. From the plank covered floor to the license plate lined walls to the clothing-adorned ceiling, viewers get an in-depth tour of the bar. Taking time to step outside, we get to see it really makes this bar unique – its location. Surrounded by water, the Pelican Bar offers a 360 degree view of the Caribbean with nothing to block your view. Don’t worry – the water is shallow enough that you can walk around so don’t even think about diving in – save that for Rick’s. Find a spot on the planks to enjoy the sun or take a dip in the water – you have no one to blame but yourself if you don’t have fun at Floyd’s.

Of course, no true beach bar could hold that label if it didn’t offer merchandise and Floyds has plenty of it, giving you more than a few options to take back home with you.

Curiosity piqued? If so, find out more about Jamaica and its beach bars.

Author: Tom W.

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