Beach Bar Pic of the Week – The Right Side of Driftwood Boat Bar, St. Maarten

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If it wasn’t for all the car traffic zooming by, Driftwood Boat Bar, a beach bar located on Maho Beach in St. Maarten, might be the clear cut winner in my declaration of the best beach bar on the Dutch side of the island. Located opposite the beach from its more well-known counterpart, Sunset Bar, Driftwood is where you can find six beers for $15 and pizza that some will claim is the best on the island.

The beach bar’s location on Maho is prime but that’s also a drawback – it gets darn busy at times on the road that takes you to this beach bar so finding an escape from the hustle and bustle is essential. The key is getting there early and laying claim to one of the loungers that line the outside of the main structure. Normally, this section of beach is a little elevated from the rest of Maho, offering unobstructed views of the Caribbean. It’s also a great spot to get away from the noise emanating from the road, almost enough that you can imagine yourself on a deserted beach with nary a soul in sight.

Image Info
Title – None
Photographer – Tom Westerhof
Date Taken – April 6, 2019
Source – N/A
License – All rights reserved.
Settings – F1.7 / 4.20 mm / ISO 40 / 1/1980 seconds
Camera – Samsung Galaxy S7

About the Beach Bar

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Author: Tom W.

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