The Top 10 Bars You’ll Find In Key West

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If you’ve been to Key West, you’ll know that naming its 10 best bars would be a difficult assignment at best, based merely upon the sheer quantity lining its streets. About as ubiquitous as palm trees and probably dwarfing the number of churches, Key West is as famous for its watering holes as it is anything else. Some lucky writer at Conde Nast Traveler received the assignment of a lifetime, poring through all of the bars in this American island paradise to come up with the 10 best bars in Key West. And wouldn’t you guess it – they’re not all on Duval.

Among the best are the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon. Describing the place with descriptors such as “beach bar vibes are strong,” “unpretentious atmosphere” and “open-air environment, the Smokin’ Tuna is bound to be a favorite of beach bar bums.

Also making the list is the Sunset Pier. Among my favorites in Key West, it’s basically a round bar sitting on a pier. What separates it from the others, though, is that waterfront location. With colors both natural (sunset) and manmade (the rainbow of colors slapped on its seats), it’s a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

Other popular bars such as Rick’s and the Green Parrot make the list but there are a few surprises, including ones who didn’t find a spot. Unfortunately, my favorite Key West bar didn’t make the list? Did yours? To see if your favorite made it, click on the following link and see if it was among the 10 best bars in Key West. And seriously, those images make me really miss Key West ….

Author: Tom W.

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