Almost a Whole Minute at the Blue Pear Bar on Koh Mak, Thailand

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I don’t get to feature many beach bars in Thailand. With the vast majority of the readers of this blog and followers on social media being from North America, I don’t get too many requests for beach bars outside of that region. I’m always looking to change that, however, and I’ve been able to write about a few beach bars in Greece, Bali and the South Pacific.

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A country that I really need to spend some time writing about, though, is Thailand. With over 200 islands within its borders, it dwarfs the Caribbean. Naturally, where there are islands and palm tress, there are generally beach bars. Thailand doesn’t disappoint and this video from the Blue Pearl Bar, a beach bar located at the end of a pier on Koh Mak at the Koh Mak Cococape Resort, is a prime example of the wonderful beach bar scene in this corner of the world. One thing is obvious after watching this video – they get the beach bar vibe and it’s proof that the Caribbean certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on our favorite beachfront watering holes.

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Have you been to Thailand? If so, let us know if you have any beach bar recommendations. We would love to hear about them and help get the word out. Safe travels!

Author: Tom W.

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