Beach Bar Pic of the Week – Kon Tiki Bar and Grill, Antigua

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Calling Kon Tiki Bar and Grill, located on Dickenson Bay in Antigua, a beach bar might not meet the standards of purists but I have no qualms about it. And when I say “on” Dickenson Bay, I mean it’s literally on the bay – as in it’s on the water. You see, Kon Tiki is a floating bar and while it’s not on the beach, it exudes as much of a beach bar vibe as any other sand encrusted structure.

The owners of Kon Tiki didn’t have to decide to go with a floating bar. With 365 beaches on the island (and at least six reasons not to travel to Antigua), there would have been plenty of room. However, as anyone who has spent any time near the water, in it or on it, there’s just something about being surrounded by that beautiful blue that calms you in a way few things can. Don’t worry – Kon Tiki has a boat to get you to and fro so put away your floaties. You’ll be in good hands.

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unsplash-logoBogdan Pasca

Image Info
Title – None
Photographer – Bogdan Pasca
Date Taken – Unknown
Source – Unsplash
License – N/A
Settings – F2.2 / 4.70 mm / ISO 100 / 1/3268 seconds
Camera – DJI FC220

About the Beach Bar
“Kon Tiki was named after Thor Heyerdahl’s 1940’s expedition from South America, to the Polynesian islands on what was essentially a raft. Slightly scaled down, this Kon Tiki seldom moves, as she is on anchor in Dickinson Bay, Antigua.

First envisioned by Emma as a floating social gathering for friends and family, it was decided to expand so that it could serve customers. Emma and Johnny are your hosts onboard.

First launched on 29th October 2017, after being built and fitted out at Crabbs boat yard, she has only once had a planned movement, which was in September 2018 with a potential hurricane bearing down on Antigua. She was moved back to Crabbs boat yard, and maintenance took place. A few weeks later, she was back in her usual spot.

A few upgrades have happened since first launched. Kon Tiki 2 (the boat to and from shore) now has an engine, and solar has been added so that there is lighting in the evenings.”

Find out more about Kon Tiki Bar and Grill and other Antigua beach bars.

Have you been to this beach bar? If so, let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

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