Beach Thursday Pic of the Week – Trunk Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands

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When it comes to beaches, there are few that can top Trunk Bay, located on St. John in the US Virgin Islands (it even has its own beach bar!). Prior to Hurricane Irma, palm trees lined this beach like very few others I’ve been to, offering a barrier between the beach bums that took shelter there and the real world. The water, as it is elsewhere in the Caribbean, was marvelously blue and the sand as soft and white as you would expect it to be.

This image, obviously taken after Irma, shows a battered Trunk Bay with more brown than green. It’s also evidence, though, that the beach is coming back. If you had seen pictures of this beach right after Irma, you would have been startled by the lack of greenery and the erosion the beach suffered. Nature is righting herself, as she always does, and I can’t wait to revisit someday to see the new and improved version of her old self.

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