Might Mystic Debuts New Video for “If the World Should End Today”

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Back in 2015, I had the great opportunity to attend Moonsplash, the annual music festival that takes place on the beaches of Anguilla at the Dune Preserve. One of the standout performers from that night was Mighty Mystic. His shows were energetic and entertaining and he had the audience in the palm of his hands the entire time. I was able to meet up with him on Sunday afternoon at the beach party for Moonsplash. I found out he was from the Boston area and after spending a few minutes with him, walked away from our conversation being totally impressed with him.

Musicians can be a tricky lot sometimes but Mighty Mystic couldn’t have been nicer. If you get the chance to see him in concert, please check him out. If you have the opportunity to actually interact with him away from the stage, you’ll undoubtedly walk away from the experience rooting for him.

His latest video for “If the World Should End Today” was filmed entirely on Anguilla. It’s obviously an island that has become special to him over the years and if you’re going to choose a destination to film a video, you can’t get much prettier than Anguilla. Our favorite beach bar and owner, Garvey Lake at the Sunshine Shack, even make an extended appearance. It’s not a surprise as Mighty Mystic can often be found playing at Garvey’s anytime he’s on the island. I’ll catch one of those shows someday and when I do, I’ll be sure to tell the world about it.

Check out the video for Mighty Mystic’s “If the World Should End Today” on YouTube and make sure and check him out in person if you get the chance. You can thank me later.

Author: Tom W.

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