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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the fine folks at KMOVE Radio to come on their show and talk about beach bars. Never one to shy away from discussing my favorite subject, I happily agreed to the interview (you can listen to the show here). Plus, you know, after my in-studio radio interview with Dr. Soc in St. Maarten, I was an old seasoned pro at this whole radio/podcasting thing.

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Clay and Lorraine, the co-hosts of the KMOVE Radio, couldn’t have been more fun to talk to. While my popularity didn’t come anywhere close to that of their previous guests such as Shiela E., Ronnie Spector and Travis Meadows (the songwriter who wrote Kenny Chesney’s “Better Boat”), the subject of beach bars more than made up for it.

During the interview, we were able to talk about beach bars and related subjects such as my favorite beach bars (my top two are on the same island), beach bars at the top of my “must visit” list (these three are spread across the world), why Anguilla is my favorite destination (it’s not just about the beach bars), how I can help your dream of owning a beach bar come true and some of the future plans for the blog. Of course, you’ll have to listen to the interview to find out the details.

I had a great time with Clay and Lorraine and have fallen in love with the audio format. Hopefully, we’ll see some Beach Bar Bums podcasts in the future. Until then, we have places such as KMOVE Radio and Island 92 to help spread the word.

Thanks for the visit, Clay and Lorraine! I’ll see you at the beach bar someday. I’ll get the last round. 🙂

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