60 Seconds at Lagerheads Beach Bar, Key West

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I often receive questions about the best bars in Key West and while I certainly have my favorite Key West bar, there’s only one option when it comes to beach bars – Lagerheads Beach Bar. Located at 0 Simonton St., Lagerheads is the only true beach bar in Key West. Others may be on the water while some may have a beach bar vibe but if you’re looking for an actual beach bar on the water, Lagerheads is your only option, at least according to the narrator of this video (does Southernmost Beach Cafe count?).

Southernmost Point, Key West, Florida

How I missed out on a visit to Lagerheads Beach Bar on our trip to Key West is still a mystery to me. Maybe it was the multitude of other bars calling out to me from Duval, the distracting beauty of the sunsets at Sunset Pier or the “Am I in the Caribbean or what?” escapist appeal of the surroundings on Sunset Key. Whatever, it was, visiting Lagerheads is as good an excuse as any to head back down as far as the road will take me. Besides, it looks like they have actual sand you can walk on without fear of a stepping-on-a-lego reaction – that’s always a plus in the Keys.

Have you been to Lagerheads? What did you think of it? Everything we’ve heard has been positive so I’m looking for a good excuse to head down and conduct some personal research – I might even have to take a bicycle our of Key West. Let me know if it will be worth it or not! Maybe we can even meet up there some day!

Author: Tom W.

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  1. Definitely worth a trip back down! Been there a couple times, but never for a long time. Couple beers at most. Nice though! Of course, I’m happy at almost any bar in Key West, my wife and I try to make it down once a year!

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    • Thanks for the info, Bob! I’m not sure how I own this blog and missed Lagerheads last time but it’ll be a priority next time for sure. Cheers!

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