Beach Bar Pic of the Week – Big Mama Grill, Baby Beach, Aruba

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Ask anyone who calls Aruba home where the best beach on the island is to get away from the hustle and bustle of Palm Beach and most of them will tell you to start heading southeast until you can’t go any further. It’s where the locals go and for travelers visiting the island, the place to go is where you’ll find the locals. In Aruba, that’s Baby Beach. And on an island that’s not exactly known for its beach bars, that’s where you’ll find a local treasure.

Head to San Nicolas on the southeast tip of the island and you’ll discover the sheltered Baby Beach. On the east end of the crescent-shaped beach sits Big Mama Grill, the “little know to tourists” beach bar where beach bar bum Dee Mcnamara snapped this picture. Dee ordered the fish and chips and much to her surprise, it was the whole fish, eyeballs and all. She never did stay whether she ate the eyeballs but if she did, well, good on her.

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Title – None
Photographer – Dee Mcnamara
Date Taken – 2018
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License – All rights reserved.
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About the Beach Bar

Find out more about Big Mama Grill.

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Author: Tom W.

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