90 Seconds at Free Beach Bar, Ios, Greece

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Free Beach Bar, located on Ios, an island in Greece, may lack the Caribbean flavor many of the readers of this blog are accustomed to seeing. Since this isn’t a blog strictly about Caribbean beach bars, however, expanding the beach bar palate, so to speak, should be one of the benefits of enjoying (or at least putting up with) updates from around the world. It’s understandably more difficult for a North American based blogger to write about beach bars outside our normal sphere but one of the countries I know I can depend on in Greece.

I’ve written about beach bars in Greece numerous other times and during my research for those articles, I recall seeing some very unique hanging seats I hadn’t seen anywhere else. Exuding a touch of mid century modern stylistic appeal, the seats/lounges were suspended from the ceiling of Free Beach Bar and when lit up at night along with the rest of the beach bar, became an “under the stars” spectacle not typically seen in the Caribbean or US. It’s a pretty cool scene that leaves a lasting impression, one that beach bars around the world should look to replicate.

The promo video for Free Beach Bar accomplishes what I’m assuming it set out to do – give you a million and one reasons why you should visit it soon. I’ve already watched it a few times and started pricing airline tickets to Greece. With the number of islands that call that country home, there’s plenty of beach bar “research” that could be done.

Find out more about Free Beach Bar.

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