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The title says it all – this list includes the top Caribbean beach bar Instagram pages that you should be following right now. The criteria is less-than-scientific but is as follows:

The Instagram page has be to consistently updated, preferably at least once a week. You might post great pics but if your last one was a month ago, that’s not going to cut it.

-The featured business’s primary function has to be as a beach bar. This rules out beachfront restaurants, beach clubs or the like.
-The posts have to be engaging and when I say “engaging,” they have to make me want to be at the beach bar. For me, that means pretty pics of drinks, beaches, sunsets, palm trees and the like – everything we love about beach bars.
-The images have to be good. They can’t look like someone whipped out their flip phone and took a last minute shot before closing. Basically, they have to be pretty. See above – they have to make me want to be there. Horrible pics don’t make me want to visit anywhere.
-You have to follow my Beach Bar Bums Instagram page. It’s a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” kind of world in social media. If you don’t want to follow me, that’s OK but there’s no way I’m giving you a free shout out.

That’s it! Pretty simple to follow and not too hard to figure out. If there are exceptional reasons to follow each page below, I spell it out. Otherwise, assume each beach bar listed below is the best at meeting the above criteria and give them a follow. It’ll be worth your time. Trust me.

Do you think I missed one and I suck at evaluating Instagram pages? If so, let me know in the comments and if I’m so inspired, I’ll add your favorite Caribbean beach bar to the article … but only if they follow me. Rules are rules.

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Lili’s (Martinique)
Lilli’s features many images by Instagram user @fabuloud_972 and he’s either a professional photographer or needs to be. Whatever it is, it really make me wish I had paid more attention to my French classes.

da’Vida (Anguilla)
da’Vida Bayside is one of the prettiest beach bars I’ve been to and their posts are a great mix of what makes it exceptional.

Basil’s (Mustique)
They recently underwent a renovation and they’ve proudly been showing off. Just a part of the mystique of Mustique.

Da Conch Shack (Turks and Caicos)
If the goal of a beach bar’s Instagram page is to show people having a good time, Da Conch Shack wins first prize. If the person who it taking these pics is on their staff, they need to ask for a raise.

Sunshine Shack (Anguilla)
Very few beach bars do a better job on social media than the Sunshine Shack. If there was a master class on how to promote your beach bar across social media, the person running this account should be the one teaching it. As I’m sure Garvey would confirm, you can’t overestimate the value of a great social media presence.

Kontiki Beach (St. Martin)
At Kontiki Beach, it’a all about the view on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Somehow, they’ve managed to capture for all of us to enjoy virtually.

Little Bristol Bar (Barbados)
Little Bristol is probably the least known beach bar on this list but that’s not from lack of trying on Instagram. Whoever manages their IG deserves praise … and a few of those famous Barbados rum punches on the house for their hard work.

Karakter (Curacao)
I have no idea why the Karakter in Curacao has a great IG page and the one in SXM doesn’t but hey, we’ll chalk that up to staffing. Kudos to Karakter Curacao – you make me want to be there.

Reggae Beach Bar (St. Kitts)
Most of their pics feature their customers and at the end of the day, isn’t that what makes a beach bar special? Beach bar bums – gotta love them!

Author: Tom W.

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    • Liz, you are 100% right. They’re now on the list. Thanks for putting out my error!

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  1. Great list Tom; very happy to see one of my favourite spots – Little Bristol in Barbados – included.I gotta make it to Sunshine Shack sometime soon.

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    • Thanks, Kathy-Lynn! I’ve heard a lot of great things about it. Love your site, by the way!

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