Bloodline, The Dock and The Moorings – Reel Life in the Florida Keys

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If you’re a fan of the Netflix series “Bloodline,” chances are you’ll recognize this dock. Located in Islamorada in the Florida Keys at The Moorings Village on Upper Matecumbe, it is the dock often featured in the show’s episodes. As with the rest of the property at The Moorings Village, it stood in as the home of the Rayburns, the family the series revolves around.

If you haven’t watched “Bloodline,” you need to check it out if just for the opportunity to imagine everyday life in the Florida Keys except without the whole drug trade/murder thing. The region plays about as prominent a role in the series as the Rayburns. Most scenes take place outside, giving the Keys another vehicle to showcase their natural beauty.

The series starts off with a bang and the whole first season is one long slow burn. Some episodes may test your patience as you search for resolution. However, the lush and beauteous surroundings hold you over with the Keys hooking you as surely as the show will.

A focal point of the show is the home of the Rayburns. Like many other homes, businesses and aspects of life in the Keys, boat life is central to their existence. You’ll see the pictured dock many times throughout the multiple episodes and end up going online to see if this place is really as pretty as it seems. Having traveled through the area myself, I can confirm that it is and while I have yet to book a room at The Moorings Village, I might just have to rectify that really soon.

Have you stayed at The Moorings Village? Were you a fan of Bloodline? Let us know in the comments!

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