News of St. John Announces Details on Reopening of The Beach Bar

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It looks like the reopening of The Beach Bar, located on Cruz Bay in St. John, isn’t just big news for beach bar bums but for the island well. It’s big enough news, at least, to prompt News of St. John to post an article on a Friday evening (prime happy hour time) announcing that the Beach Bar had scheduled its reopening date.


Granted, I would figure out a way to jolt myself out of a deep slumber if I was somehow informed mid-sleep that news like this had just been released. It’s news-worthy not just because it’s one of the best beach bars in the world but that it’s another tangible step in the recovery process for the island. Plus, you know it’s going to get a ton of play on social media (which it did) so yeah, you do what you gotta do, even on a Friday night.

It’s not fully opened but it’s a step in the right direction for St. John. To get the full details including official reopening date and hours, you’ll have to click on the above link. And yeah, I really hope they keep that beachfront bar. Something tells me they could sell a lot of drinks from there.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. We love the Beach Bar on St.John. We are going back in October and that will be our 8th year visiting Cruz Bay. Can’t wait!!

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    • Kathy, thanks for the feedback and your continuing support of the island!

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  2. So, when is it reopening? Will be there in March.

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    • Paul, it reopened earlier this year. Have fun visiting!

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