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Just over two months ago, I posted an image of a view from a beach in St. Barts. Back then, I wasn’t clear on whether or not to call it St. Bart’s, St. Barts, St. Barths, St. Bartholemew, St. Barthelmie or whatever name it goes by. I think I ended up just settling on St. B and nine weeks later, that viewpoint hasn’t changed.

This week’s vote for the most liked beach pic was a close one with a surprising contender popping up from across the pond. While that image of a beach in Normandy didn’t make it to the top this week, it was easy to see why it gave ol’ St. B a run for its money. In the end, though, it was the Caribbean … again … in a close one.

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To find out more about St. Barts/St. Barth’s/St. Barthelemy, you can visit the St. Barts visitor guide site.

To download the high resolution version of the image above, head on over to the Wallpapers page and be sure to check out the Facebook page for our “Beach pics of the day” posts. Vote for your favorite by “liking” the photo and each week, we’ll post the winning image and a high resolution image of it for your viewing and downloading pleasure … but it will only be available for one week.

Do you have a picture of a beach you’d like to have featured? If so, send me an email at info (at) beachbarbums (dot) com and I’ll see what we can do.

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