Beach Bar Spotlight – Da Pink Chicken, Cat Island, Bahamas

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If someone set about trying to document all of the beach bars in the Bahamas, it would be a difficult task at best. With numerous islands, out islands and a seemingly endless amount of shoreline, the intrepid researcher would have their hands full. Sounds like a job I need to sign up for!

One of the beach bars that would have to be on that list is Da Pink Chicken. Located on Cat Island at the Flamingo Hills Resort and Marina, I first discovered this beach bar on Twitter, a vast region of the social media universe that nary a beach bar dares to explore. They post regularly, their images more than enough to intrigue me to find out more about this beach bar.

Da Pink Chicken’s t-shirts proudly proclaim this beach as “A Good Place to do Nothin’” and if a beach bar can’t espouse that then what’s the point? In interactions with them via email, they describe their slice of paradise as “a great place to unwind, watch the water and turtles pass by and enjoy the views.” Ice cold beer and cocktails abound, a worthy complement to the perfect view of the water.

Da Pink Chicken beach bar is open daily from 2 pm until sunset (closed Mondays). It is environmentally sound and 100% solar powered.

You can find out more about the Bahamas beach bar, Da Pink Chicken, at

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Trip Advisor – Reviewers love Da Pink Chicken. Out of 21 reviews, all but one are 5 stars. The other is a 4 star review.

About Da Pink Chicken
“Where once upon a time people frolicked on these beaches naked as the day they were born, da’ Pink Chicken now stands. The old timers tell the tale of way back when the flamingos would run with the chickens and the first pink chicken was seen. Over the years you would hear tell of a pink chicken being glimpsed here and there, always around sunset.

After years of research, interviews and many nights stalking the bird (while drinking Kalik) we have created a statue of the famous Pink Chicken. Now after enjoying a relaxing visit to the beach bar you can see da’ Pink Chicken sitting on the roof, every night!

Da’ Pink Chicken Beach Bar is a simple place, environmentally sound, powered only by the sun and gravity, we are open most of the time from noon till sunset. Relax and take in the view, try your skills with dominos or play a round of golf on our 3-hole course. On the full moon there will be dining and drinks into the night.

You can’t go wrong with da Chicken and Cat Island.”

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Author: Tom W.

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  1. The food is also tremendous!

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    • Thanks for the feedback, Andrew! It’s always great to hear when a beach bar serves up excellent food. Cheers!

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  2. A great place with great food, great people and a gorgeous view! Patty is a fantastic chef and Dean can entertain for hours!!

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    • Nancy, appreciate the feedback! Always enjoy hearing from people who have visited this beach bars. Cheers!

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  3. Was just there the last week in February.
    The people are Great and the food is fantastic. Da best conch salad!!

    Would love to be quarantined on the beach there.

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    • Thanks for the feeback, Jack! I agree – I could stand to be quarantined there for a few weeks!

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