Eight Minutes on the Beach at White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

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Since it’s impossible for me to visit all of the beach bars in the Caribbean, videos like the one above become an important resource. They’ve become especially important post-Irma and Maria as readers of this blog look for updates on their favorite destinations. This video, taken just 10 days ago, is a drone video of White Bay and its beach on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. A beach bar utopia, this area was devastated by Irma so it’s good to see it recovering so well just over a year later.

The two beach bars included in the video are Hendo’s Hideout and the Soggy Dollar Bar. Both appear to be well on the road to recovery, if not fully recovered, from the affects of Irma. Both structures appear to resemble their former selves and ready to welcome visitors in the new high travel season.

The beach appears immaculate as ever and if there’s anything I can take away from this video, it’s that the morning is a magical time on this slice of paradise. With more bobbing boats in the sea than souls on the beach, it’s a reminder that maybe an overnight stay on Jost Van Dyke should be in your plans, if just to experience this quiet time on an otherwise crowded stretch of sand. I’ve never been a big fan of getting up too early in the morning but if this is the scene that awaits, I’ll gladly set my alarm clock for a few hours earlier.

Author: Tom W.

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