Bomba Shack Rebuild Updates Needed

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The Bomba Shack, a beach bar located on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, was destroyed in Hurricane Irma. Since then, the world-renown tourist destination and BVI landmark has been locked in a court battle with the landowners and has not been rebuilt. Google, the official notifier of all things, lists it as “permanently closed.”


Social media is typically the place to find the latest updates but the Bomba Shack itself never maintained much a presence. News online is limited – this update from BVI News in May, 2018 mentioned that Bomba was hoping to settle the case soon and reopen in July/August. However, there has still been little news or updates on the status of the beach bar with the Instagram post below the best indicator of what’s to come.

Do you have any updates on the Bomba Shack? If so, let us know in the comments. We would love to be able to share the news with everyone, especially if it’s good news!

Author: Tom W.

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  1. Hi, here on Tortola now. Looks like there’s a shell shack in place of Bomba Shack – they are most likely related as the signage is similar and the shell shack looks like a near descendent of Bomba Shack. So while it’s not the same structure, it’s smaller in scale, it looks similar – so there’s something, and perhaps over time, it will grow and get back to where it once was (in size) but it still lists it on Google as Perm. Closed. We might try to stop today/tomorrow and see what’s up.

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    • Libby, thank you for the update! So it sounds like it’s just a shell shack and not an actual beach bar anymore, correct?

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  2. I have a watercolor painting of the Bomas shack. it is marked 489. out of 500. 489/500.
    I can not read the artist name though– any idea? It looks like PERHAPS David W.?? Can’t read last name. Any idea. Not sure what to do with painting at this time.

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    • Could it be a David Thrasher painting? He was once an island artist, about 20 years ago. I don’t know what happened to him but I met him while on my honeymoon and bought two of his prints. Talented expat artist that had relocated to live the dream on the island.

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