We Built Our Own Beach Bar – Shannon and Roxanna Sharp’s Da Luv Shack

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I’ve seen some impressive backyard beach bars/escapes but Shannon and Roxanna Sharp’s “Da Luv Shak” is among the best. Calling Kingwood, Texas home (where even the tiki is bigger in Texas), the Sharps’ love for the Caribbean can be seen spread out across their backyard. Including the Kenny Chesney No Shoes Nation flag, various Virgin Islands accoutrements, plenty of bottles of rum to a beach bar any beach bar owner would be proud of, Shannon and Roxanna have brought the Caribbean home in a manner that’s been unmatched by anyone else that I know of.

Now in the words of the owners and creators themselves, Shannon and Roxanna Sharp, is the story of “Da Luv Shak.”

Sometimes, paradise can be found in the most unexpected places. As avid travelers of the Caribbean, Shannon and Roxanna Sharp of Kingwood, Texas have carved out their paradise in their back yard. Even though Kingwood is miles from the beach, Shannon, a Law Enforcement Executive and Roxanna, a Pharmaceutical Scientist, have carved out their oasis using momentous, souvenirs and artwork they have collected all throughout the islands.

While Shannon and Roxanna have a love for all of the Caribbean Islands, they call St. John USVI their “Home away from home”. This hard-working couple were married in 2006. After the wedding, they headed to the USVI where they stayed at the St. John Westin. They fell in love with the people, culture and the spiritualism of St. John. Their honeymoon was spent walking through the shops and visiting the restaurants in Cruz Bay, Traveling to Trunk Bay and Chocolate Hole by Jeep and experiencing the amazing Caribbean moonlit nights.

Smitten by their experience in the islands on their honeymoon, Shannon and Roxanna immediately made plans to return as soon as life would allow. Over the years these passionate explorers have made several trips back to the beautiful, clear blue waters of the US and British Virgin Islands. Their love for these God painted islands grow more and more every time they return. For the times when responsibility brings them back to Texas, they decided that they just had to create a place in their back yard that would remind them of their love for the islands. What was supposed to be a small place to “hang out” between trips, turned into an ongoing passion that has taken on its own Caribbean spirit and taken over the entire back yard!

Appropriately named “Da Luv Shak” (Yea, after the 80s B-52 hit) their creation has been a family affair of many hours of planning and building. Probably more building than planning. Every piece of “Da Shak” has some kind of special meaning. Every flag, sign, figurine, shot-glass, all with their own unique story.

Most of the structures were put together using reclaimed materials. Every nail, screw and staple have been meticulously placed by the Sharp Family. Da Luv Shak lives and breathes the Spirit of the Islands.

“Our love for the Islands and their people run deep in our souls.” Shannon says. “We felt compelled to create Da Luv Shak not only as a cool place to be between our trips but as a sanctuary from our very busy and stressful everyday lives. This will hold us over til’ we can get there permanently” Shannon continued, with a big ol’ smile of course.

Every backyard beach bar escape needs a day bed!

Just like in the Caribbean, you can never have too much rum behind the bar!

The kitchen keeps all the guests’ bellies full!

It’s all in the details!

Do you have a backyard bar like Shannon and Roxanna’s that you would like to have featured in an article on the blog? If so, send me an email at info (at) beachbarbums (dot) com and we’ll make you famous. Of course, we can’t do anything about the sudden crowds showing up at your house but ‘tis the price of fame.

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