Three and a Half Minutes at Bugaloe Beach Bar in Aruba

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When a Youtube channel calling itself “Memories and Mojitos” posts a video about Bugaloe Beach Bar in Aruba, you take notice. After all, if we aren’t making mojitos at a beach bar, chances are still pretty good that we’re making memories. In all honesty, the alliterative side of me is jealous that I didn’t come up with the name myself. I mean, Beach Bar Bums is hard to beat when it comes to alliteration but “Memories and Mojitos’ – that’s pretty cool.

The video offers and extensive tour of the Aruba beach bar, even pausing to scan the food and drink menu, something I haven’t seen before in other beach bar videos. It’s a nice touch and I’ll have to make note of that for future beach bar visits. We also get a glimpse of who I’m assuming is “Memories and Mojitos” although no clues are offered up as to which is which. Obligatory shots of their food and drinks are offered along with onscreen descriptions.

They must have enjoyed Bugaloe Beach Bar enough that they returned to the beach bar to show us the nighttime scene. Starting at about the 2:30 mark, this portion of the video features the band for the evening along with another scan (smart!) of the beach bar’s daily events for the week.

The video closes with a short written review of the beach bar (they enjoyed the reasonably priced drinks – the food, not so much) along with its location and where to park.

Overall, it’s an impressive video with information that is actually helpful. Plus, it makes me really want to visit Aruba again and that’s really the whole point of these videos, right? My Dutch side is in wholehearted agreement.

Author: Tom W.

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