13 Images of Rum Ruling the World to Help You Celebrate National Rum Day

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It’s National Rum Day here in the good ol’ US of A and while I didn’t get the day off from work to celebrate, I did get tomorrow off. That means tonight I can celebrate without having to face the consequence of having to get out of bed early tomorrow in an effort to pull it all together and be somebody. That’s thinking ahead, people.

Let’s face it – this blog probably wouldn’t be as fun and fascinating as it is if rum wasn’t around. Beach bars and rum are intertwined as inextricably as peanut butter and jelly. While the one would certainly be fine on its own, together they are oh so much better. That’s why we often celebrate rum on the blog. A quick perusal of the “Cocktails” section of the blog reveals numerous incantations about rum, the good it contributes to the world and the fun it adds to all of our lives.

To help illustrate how much rum has made the world better, I’ve gathered baker’s dozen of pics because as they say, a picture can say a thousand words which essentially makes this a 13,000 plus word article. And be honest, you would much rather salivate over images of rum than listen to me blather on for another two words, right?

To quote the Brothers Osborne in their tune, “Rum” (video included below) – “Top it all off with the sun and mix it with rum.”

Also, be sure to check out Toby Keith’s ode to rum and a video tutorial on four easy to make rum cocktails below.

Happy National Rum Day! Time to start celebrating.

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A rum punch enjoying the view over the Philipsburg boardwalk in St. Maarten.


Author: Tom W.

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