Two and a Half Minutes at Kolona (Colona) Beach Bar in Batsi, Andros Island, Greece

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Technically, it’s more like 162 seconds but no matter how much time it is, the above video of Kolona Beach Bar, located in Batsi on the island of Andros in Greece, is a pleasant reminder that the Greeks know how to do beach bars. A small shack forms the epicenter of the beach bar with a covered area next to it for lounging. Beach chairs line up down the beach as space in front of the beach bar is limited. Mere feet from the water’s edge, Kolona takes the whole beach bar thing to another level, putting its patrons as close to the water as possible. Its location on the west side of the bay at Batsi, though, protects it from the less tame Mediterranean waters lurking just around the corner. The water is calm and clear, making this beach bar a wonderful spot for water activities such as swimming and paddle boarding.

Kolona (also spelled Colona) Beach Bar gets rave reviews online. Four Google reviews are all five stars with a couple Facebook reviewers coming to the same conclusion. To view more pics of Kolona Beach Bar, you can check out these pics on Instagram.

Overall, Kolona Beach Bar, similar to the water it fronts, looks to be a little more laid back than some of its wilder Greek counterparts. For families and those looking for a quieter beach escape, that might be exactly the tonic needed. Combined with its relatively private spot and location on the edge of the water, it might just be my dream Greek beach bar. Now if I can just figure out a way for it to face the sunsets ….

Author: Tom W.

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