Discovering Two Beach Bars In Cuba

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I’ve asked for information about beach bars in Cuba in posts on my Facebook page a few times in the past. There have been a few suggestions and mentions in response but nothing overwhelming. However, after a visit to Cuba by Adina Adi, she was able to provide us with actual on-the-ground feedback along with images of two beach bars she visited.

Adina provided information on two beach bars in Cuba – one a lobster shack and the other an improvised beach bar. According to the sign on the improvised beach bar, its name is Bar Coco Leo. It looks like Leo, if that’s his name, has a good start on his beach bar plans. Or maybe this is a good as it gets. Either way, it looks like a great way to spend the day to me. And seriously, that view from the lobster shack – that’s a view worth of a postcard. Plus maybe the lifting of a travel ban.

Lobster Shack
beach bar
“This is the view from the lobster shack close to the Sol Cayo Guillermo hotel, about a half mile to the left on the beach. Lobster is made to order – they take your order, go fishing and at an agreed upon time, you return for your meal. It’s also home to one of the best mojitos I’ve ever had.”

Bar Coco Leo?
“This is an improvised beach bar at Pilar Beach, a stunning place to chill with a Cuba Libre in your hand. There is also a small restaurant at this beach – open air – serving food and drinks. We didn’t try the restaurant as we heard the other lobster shack had better food so we kept eating there. Plus, the shack only had a few customers at a time … and the owner was very friendly.”

Author: Tom W.

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