First Look – Bikinis on the Beach Bar & Grill, St. John, US Virgin Islands

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We first told you about Bikinis on the Beach Bar & Grill, a new beach bar on Honeymoon Beach on St. John in the US Virgin Islands, about four months ago when our friends over at St. John On-Island Times first brought it to our attention. Luckily for us, Shannon Deissig, who is a guest author on our blog (check out her previous articles here), paid it a visit recently and shared her thoughts and images.

Shannon described it as a great place with a simple menu, views that can’t be beat and of course, lots of rum to be had. An easy hike from the visitor’s center, the beach bar features nice seating and good drinks. She made it a point to mention that the banana and pineapple painkillers “do not suck.” As someone known to enjoy a painkiller or two, that was music to my ears.

Have you been to Bikinis on the Beach Bar & Grill? If so, let us know what you thought about it in the comments! Hopefully you had a satisfying time and we can add yet another reason to visit St. John and the rest of the US Virgin Islands!

Author: Tom W.

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