Droning Around Road Bay, Sandy Ground, Anguilla

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It’s no secret how much Road Bay and Sandy Ground in Anguilla mean to me. I always describe it as “coming home.” With its shore lined by beach bars from the north point to the southern end, it’s a given that this stretch of beach would be like a home away from home for me. It’s not just the beach bars and restaurants, though. It’s the people who call it home, who go to work there every day and who venture to its shores as the sun sets to enjoy the island’s center of nightlife.

I was happy to see this drone video of the area pop up on YouTube. While the video’s title calls out Elvis’ Beach Bar, most of the shoreline along this stretch of beach is covered at one point. What it shows is a battered but recovering community, representative of the rest of the island. It’s eye-opening, to say the least, but nothing in the video would deter me from visiting my home away from home.

Have you been to Sandy Ground/Road Bay or other parts of Anguilla recently? If so, what were your thoughts or opinions on its condition at the time? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. We were there in April of 2019, almost a year ago now. We had visited before the hurricane and this was our first trip back after. While there was no question some things were different – notably vegetation growth and some permanently closed restaurants (Pumphouse 🙁 ) there was so much to love about the island still. We had an amazing vacation with the people we have grown to think of as extended family and enjoyed our usual spots just as much. Having to reschedule our spring break plans as we speak and considering Anguilla for Thanksgiving!

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